How to use WorkFusion Studio

RPA - Robotic Process Automation.
Awesome technology that fully automates routine office work with software.
Surprisingly, there is free RPA software. It is Inteligence Automation Cloud Express of WorkFusion.

This site explains how to use WorkFusion Studio (RPA Express) that is free software in Inteligence Automation Cloud Express. The operation method is explained with many images, so even beginners can understand it.

Table of contents
Operate web pages automatically
Operate Excel automatically
Operate desktop applications automatically
Operate file and folder automatically


The site design has been modified slightly.
Added compression operation for files and folders.
Added an article that automatically operates files and folders.
Added an article to read variable length Excel table. Also added an article about conditional EXCEL loading.
The name change of "RPA Express" and Japanese support are reflected in the article.
Added an article to operate windows applications automatically.
Explains how to download a file on the WEB and save it with a name.
Described how to solve the problem that the file cannot be opened after Versionup.
Added an article that automatically operates Excel.
Expanded articles that automatically operate WEB pages.


How to get an EXE file and install it on your device, and how to start the software and save the files.

How to install
Create and save recording
How to versionup
How to uninstall
Japanese update information of WorkFusion Studio

Operate web pages automatically

This section introduces the procedure for automatically starting a browser with specified web page (URL). Also setting a value in a text box on web pages, change radio button, change combobox and pressing a button on the screen automatically.

Contents (Basic)
List of things you can do
Specify the URL to open the web page
Operate text-box
Operate radio button
Operate combobox
Operate check box
Push the button
Understanding the X path
Contents (Advanced)
Download the file and save it as

Operate Excel automatically

This section introduces how to get information from EXCEL and set it to WEB, and how to get value from WEB and set it to EXCEL.

Contents (Basic)
List of things you can do
Open file (book)
Set cell string to WEB
Set multi-cell characters on the web
Content (Advanced)
Don't know how many lines there are? Read variable length Excel
Judgment and data extraction (using IF statement)

Operate desktop applications automatically

Various Windows desktop applications can be automatically operated. Here are some basic actions.

Contents (Basic)
Automatically start Windows application
Open a file using Explorer
Open a file using "Run"
Open a file using browser
Operate the command prompt automatically
Enter characters in the application's text box
Switch tabs
Contents (Advanced)
Compress files and folders easily
Set password to compress files and folders

Operate file and folder automatically

This section introduces file and folder operations such as creating and deleting text files and folders, writing data to the created files, and obtaining a list of files in the folder.

Contents (Basic)
List of things you can do
Creating a file and folder
Copy files and folders
Delete files and folders
Contents (Advanced)
Combine text files
Output a list of files in a folder as text
Get a list of files in a folder with conditions


There are few topics such as how to use a little convenient and how to deal with problems.

Open Website makes unstable movements
Cannot open rpae file after upgrading
I don't want to use password at startup
I want to change the password at startup
How to change the display language